Dental Bridges

As individuals grow older, they often lose at least one of their permanent adult teeth. This can happen from a physical accident or from decay over time caused by poor oral hygiene. Whatever the case may be, losing a permanent tooth can be embarrassing and restricting as it affects not only the appearance of the smile but also how well someone chews and speaks.

The solution to missing teeth is the creation of a dental bridge. These applications are synthetic teeth that are held in place by the abutment of the surrounding natural ones. Dental bridges can be made from a variety of materials like gold, but most people prefer teeth that match the natural ones. At present, qualified dentists like those at Digital Smiles can offer four different varieties to patients.

Traditional Bridges

The traditional bridge consists of a false tooth or teeth that are carefully cemented to nearby natural ones through the application of crowns. These are frequently seen among patients who still have healthy natural teeth remaining and who would like the smile to be as cohesive as possible. This method also tends to be inexpensive, and the bridge is easy to care for afterward.


The Cantilever bridge is held in place by a dental crown cemented to a single abutment tooth. These are simple bridges that only require an individual to have a single natural tooth next to the gap.


The Maryland alternative requires two natural abutment teeth on either side of the gap where the bridge will rest. Unlike a traditional option, the Maryland dental bridge uses a framework of metal or porcelain to connect the bridge. This framework is bonded to the back of the teeth, so it isn’t visible.


The implant-supported bridge requires the installation of full dental implants that can then hold a bridge in place if a patient doesn’t want to fill the entire space with the implants. An implant is screwed directly into the jawbone. This method is considered the most reliable and stable.

What to Do

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