Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a ‘cap’ that is placed over a tooth that has suffered damage or decay and no longer has its natural chewing surface. It is common to have a crown after experiencing a physical injury – such as a tooth cracking from being tackled in football – or decay from an untreated cavity. The treatment has developed exponentially over the last few decades, meaning patients now have a couple of options available to them.

Here at Digital Smiles, you can choose between a traditional crown or a CEREC®️ crown, which can be done in one visit.

Both of these crowns are used to fix the same problems. Either of them could be applied to protect a weakened tooth, restore a break, cover a tooth that is mostly filling with little natural enamel, or cover a dental implant or root canal. If you are unsure of which style of dental crowns would best suit your oral health and lifestyle, don’t be afraid to discuss potential options with your dentist.

The Types

A traditional crown is typically applied over two separate visits. During the first visit, the tooth that needs to be crowned is examined and cleaned of decay or infected pulp, sometimes all the way down through the roots. The interior of the tooth is then sanitized to prevent bacterial growth, and it can be filled with a synthetic resin if necessary to hide and protect pockets. An impression is then taken of your bite to make sure the new crown is fit correctly.

During the second visit a few weeks later, the new crown is installed and bonded to the tooth using a special type of cement that is hardened and locked in place.

A CEREC crown stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Applying a CEREC crown can be done in just one visit. During this procedure, our dentist once again cleans and sanitizes the tooth. However, we can make the crown in-office, so the patient doesn’t need to wait for the installation. A single block of ceramic is used, molded, and then installed. A CEREC crown is more durable than a traditional one, making it a great option for patients of all ages.

At Digital Smiles, we specialize in CEREC crowns and can get you conveniently fitted for a crown in just one visit.

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