Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used as a way to treat dental decay without the need to remove the tooth. There are several reasons a filling may be used in place of other treatments. Usually, a filling is the least invasive treatment possible. They are a routine treatment provided by our skilled dentists here at Digital Smiles.

How are Dental Fillings Done

The most common way to do a filling is to remove all of the decayed and damaged areas. As they go, they will be using a special pick and bright lights to check that all the decay is gone. Next, the dentist will clean out the cavity that is left of all the debris. If the filling is very close to the nerve, a special layer made of glass ionomer will be placed first, followed by the filling material. Then, the material will be sculpted to fit your bite comfortably. The dentist may ask you to bite down on a special paper that shows if your teeth are lining up properly. Once finished, the dentist will polish it off, and you should be all set. All of this would have been done with local anesthesia.

Some types of fillings take longer; for example, the type made of composite resin needs additional layers to make it the color of your natural tooth, and needs to be cured with a special light. There are many materials, but the composite fillings are the most popular as they look the most natural.

When are Dental Fillings Done

Dental fillings are done when you have a decayed or damaged tooth that can be saved with a filling. This includes teeth with holes, cracks, or teeth that have been damaged and worn down by grinding and chewing. They are not a good choice for completely broken teeth, teeth with dead nerves, or teeth that have exposed nerves.

Fillings are one of the most common procedures in the dental world. They are one of your best options to save the tooth from extraction. They can be done to look completely natural, although there are several options to choose from. Here at Digital Smiles, we perform dental fillings regularly. Contact us for more information.

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