Emergency Dentistry | 24 Hour Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dentistry is an important part of any dental practice. Dental emergencies can happen at any time. They can be scary and painful. Here at Digital Smiles, an emergency dentistry near you, we want to make sure you get the best care during your emergency.

When to Seek Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care is for times when you absolutely cannot wait for an appointment. Seek care immediately when you are in a lot of pain, are bleeding from your teeth and gums, have significant swelling, or very strong foul odor from your mouth. These are all signs of infection and could endanger your life if ignored. You should also seek emergency dental care if you have a traumatic injury, such as a broken tooth or a knocked-out tooth. Lacerations to the gums, palate, or tongue should also be seen immediately to prevent infections from forming.

What Procedures Are Common

Emergency procedures can include re-implanting knocked-out teeth, replacing broken fillings, emergency extractions, bleeding from an injury, and post-surgical infections or complications. If you are in pain or aren’t sure if something would be considered an emergency, call our office right away and let us guide you.

There will be times that the only thing the dentist can do is provide pain management and an antibiotic. This is because they cannot open up a tooth with an active infection, or it may spread. You will be asked to return once you have finished the course of antibiotics for further treatment.

Special Note on Re-implanting Knocked-out Teeth

If you or your child lose a tooth due to sports injury or accident, we can re-implant it if you act quickly enough. Put the tooth in milk, or back in the socket. Use a cold compress to keep the area from bleeding too much, and to reduce any pain or swelling. Call the dentist right away and try to be at the office within thirty minutes. The faster you can get in, the higher the chances of being able to reattach the tooth.

Emergency dentistry can save your teeth in more ways than one. We provide emergency dentistry in Palos Verdes, Yorba Linda, Torrance, Long Beach and its nearby area. Please call us at Digital Smiles and ask about our emergency services today.

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