Exams & Cleanings

Individuals may not have fond memories of the dentist from their childhood or may struggle to obtain dental insurance as young adults. As a result, many people skip going to the dentist for their regular exams and cleanings, which can lead to problems down the road. Here at Digital Smiles, our goal is to help patients maintain optimal oral health and wellness by offering regular exams and cleanings that are simple, pain-free, and easy to schedule. We understand it is difficult to schedule appointments, and many individuals experience anxiety, so we focus on making the experience streamlined and pleasant for everyone involved.

What Is Included in an Exam and Cleaning?

A regular dental exam will include visual and tactile scrutiny of the mouth, particularly the teeth and gums. Dentists and hygienists will inspect the crowns for cavities, and will also check the condition of the gums. Some small tools are used during this process, including a small hook that can locate weakness in the enamel of the tooth and any tenderness or puffiness in the gums.

Following the exam, the teeth will be cleaned using toothpaste, brushes, and more specialized tools. If there is a buildup of plaque, the dentist will carefully scrape it away. No anesthesia is needed during the cleaning because the process is not painful. The teeth will also be flossed, and a key indicator of poor gum hygiene is gums that bleed when cleaned.

Once the mouth has been cleaned thoroughly, the dentist will discuss with the patient whether or not they are experiencing any problems with the mouth or jaw. Pain in the joint, as well as the presence of sores and other issues, can be the symptoms of greater problems.

Why Should People Go for Regular Exams?

The main purpose of visiting the dentist on a regular basis is catching problems during their early stages and not later, when they cannot be treated or prevented. The most frequently seen problems are cavities and periodontal gum disease. When left untreated, these issues lead to tooth decay, tooth loss, gum loss, and can even increase one’s risk for heart disease.

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