Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are a routinely used preventative measure in dentistry. They are often a part of every cleaning and exam appointment. They are an important part of preventing cavities and decay, and they also help to fight bacteria and gum disease. Digital Smiles offers fluoride treatments as a part of your care. Ask our friendly staff about getting an exam that includes a fluoride treatment today.

What is Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in most water sources and almost all toothpaste and mouthwash products. It is absorbed by the teeth where it causes remineralization. Its primary function is to prevent tooth decay. It does this by fighting bacteria and encouraging new growth in the bones that make up the teeth and surrounding area.

Who Needs Fluoride

Fluoride is an important part of dental care for adults and children. Here at Digital Smiles, we make fluoride treatments a part of every routine visit. Widespread fluoride use in the United States has reduced dental decay in both children and adults dramatically. Both children and adults need to continue receiving fluoride treatments at their regular cleanings and exams.

Studies have shown that widespread fluoride use has drastically reduced childhood and adult dental decay. Fluoride is now routinely added to city and town water sources. Most toothpaste and mouthwash companies add fluoride to their products as well. All of these fluoride sources are helpful, but the best way to prevent cavities is to get your topical fluoride treatments done by a professional.

How the Fluoride Treatments are Administered

Fluoride treatments are almost always applied by using a gel or varnish and a cotton swab to apply it directly to your teeth. Fluoride is applied after your cleaning is complete. You will be told to not eat or drink for some time to give the fluoride a chance to be absorbed by the teeth. Fluoride treatments can also come in foams or liquid solutions. The treatments come in many flavors. Ask your dentist or hygienist here at Digital Smiles about what is available when you come in for your next appointment.

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