Laser Cleaning

Technology has come a long way since dentistry first developed as a field. Besides the obvious benefit of anesthesia and more unknown elements like the creation of durable fillings, the field of dentistry now allows for the use of lasers. Ever since 1994, some offices have offered laser cleaning as an alternative to the traditional scraping of regular cleanings. Digital Smiles is one such office that features this high-tech procedure and can help patients leave with healthier mouths and beautiful smiles.

How It Works

Lasers are a simple concept. They work by delivering energy through concentrated light that can be directed at a surface. When used for dental work, the lasers become either cutting instruments or a high tech way to eliminate and destroy tissues that are causing problems – such as decaying tissues. The lasers can even be used during whitening procedures to help maximize the effects of the substances used.

For a laser cleaning, dentists can aim lasers directly at tissue that is decaying or causing an issue. The tissue will then be eliminated, and the interior of a tooth can be sanitized. During a regular cleaning, the laser can be used to eliminate plaque that is plaguing the teeth and gums.

The Benefits

The use of lasers offers numerous benefits for both the dentist and the patient. In many cases, the use of lasers can actually reduce the amount of pain experienced by the patient during regular procedures, helping eliminate the need for anesthesia. The lasers can also help reduce patient anxiety since a dental drill is not required, and there is also little to no bleeding or swelling during soft tissue procedures.

How to Receive Treatment

The easiest way to receive laser cleaning is to select an office that has the necessary equipment to perform the procedure. Not all dentists have the technological capacity, but Digital Smiles does. To receive this type of cleaning, all you have to do is make an appointment for regular dental cleaning and exam. The lasers will be incorporated and can even be used to treat cavities and similar issues.

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