Sedation Dentistry

Having a fear of going to the dentist is common, even among adult patients. As a result, individuals often avoid going, which allows issues to develop and then worsen since a patient doesn’t receive the professional treatment they need. To offer a solution, many modern offices like Digital Smiles have started to practice sedation dentistry for those who need it.

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective alternative to visiting a dentist with anxiety. Patients who are nervous about treatment or who have a fear of needles can be given one of three forms of conscious sedation. Patients can still participate in their treatment and move but will find their nervousness and anxiety simply floats away.

The Three Methods

Most dental offices will engage in at least one method of sedation dentistry, but the best ones will offer three solutions. The first is one many patients will be familiar with: laughing gas. Laughing gas is a gas that is administered through a mask. It eases fears by instilling an individual with a sense of calm, peace, and even happiness while still being able to talk regularly and hold a discussion with the dentist and hygienists.

The second option is the use of IV sedation. What a patient uses an IV, a sedative is injected directly into the bloodstream in an even drip, so the individual maintains their calm. Usually, only those who have severe fears of the dentist will need to use an IV, as this method ultimately puts the patient to sleep so they cannot move or feel pain. Only dentists with proper training can administer an IV.

The final option is the use of oral sedation. Patients will be given medication in the form of a pill that can be swallowed. This medication is stronger than the use of laughing gas but weaker than the IV. Individuals may become drowsy or lightheaded but are still lucid and can hold conversations with the professionals they are seeing.

How to Receive Sedation Dentistry

If you or a loved one experience anxiety about visiting the dentist, then make an appointment today with Digital Smiles and request sedation dentistry beforehand. Our staff can find a time that works for you and walk you through the entire process.

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