A New Smile In 6 Months Can Be Your Reality

Are you in need of a new smile? Not just an improved smile, but a new smile? If you’ve been wearing dentures or are looking at your fading teeth with worry, we are talking to you. A complete dental restoration is what you need to get your confidence back, and we can do that for you in six months! Our 6-Month Implant and Teeth in a Day procedures will take you from worrisome look to confident smile! By the time these six months are over, you’ll feel like you’ve never been without this amazing smile!

Traditionally, dental implants take closer to a year to place. The main cause for that time is that many patients need bone grafting before implants can be placed. Once you lose your teeth, your jaw bone begins to get smaller. That makes it difficult to place an implant for every tooth, so dentists would add extra bone to make the implants hold better. We no longer need to do that with a new procedure for placing dental implants, which makes the entire process much, much faster.

What Makes It All Possible

Through a new technique, we no longer have a place an implant for every tooth. Instead, we can place 4-6 implants around one arch of your mouth. We place the implants at a very specific angle to maximize the strength of the implant. We can then place several crowns on the same implant. The end result is a much less painful, faster way to place dental implants without losing any of the strength or longevity of dental implants.

Since your dental implants are so much less painful, we can immediately place temporary crowns so that you walk out of our office with a smile! We call this Teeth in a Day. You can go home and enjoy your favorite foods without any more concern for slipping dentures or missing teeth. Contact Digital Smiles today to learn more about the dental implant process. We’d love to discuss it with you soon!