Dental Implant Facts That Would Make You Smile

Missing a tooth or two can cause a person to stop smiling. They do so to avoid being embarrassed in front of other people due to their lack of teeth. Unfortunately, this results in the decline of their self-esteem and even affects their social, professional, and romantic relationships.

At Digital Smiles, we understand the consequences of tooth loss socially, physically, and mentally. Even the gradual changes that put the overall wellness of a patient at risk. But we would not let that happen to any of our edentulous patients that is why we offer one of the most in-demand solutions to missing teeth nowadays – dental implants. Do know that we did not choose the said procedure to take advantage of its popularity, but also due to the undeniable benefits it offers. So without further ado, here are some facts that we prepared.

Dental implants are the closest to natural teeth

No other restoration option comes close to natural teeth until dental implants came. Unlike the alternatives, the visible portion of the teeth are not the only ones replaced but also its support underneath (roots). This method gives patients a more stable and durable dental prosthesis.

Helps prevent the development of gum disease

The gaps left on the jaw due to missing teeth become the perfect home for bacteria and other harmful substances. As a result, the patient becomes more prone to gum infections. Dental implants eliminate this problem by filling in the gaps for healthier overall oral health.

Longest lasting solution

Believe it or not, implant restored teeth can serve as a restoration for a lifetime. However, this is only possible if the patient who receives the treatment will observe proper oral hygiene and care. Seeking the assistance of a dentist regularly is also a must.

Stops and reverses bone loss

It is normal for bone loss to occur if the teeth are lost due to the lack of stimulant on the jaw. But since dental implants also replace the roots, loss of bone structures is less likely to occur. Besides, there is one thing that titanium implants are capable of – osseointegration. During this process, the bone grows in an attempt to connect with the implant post. Fortunately, this results to a stronger foundation in the mouth.

Preserves more of the natural teeth

For people who are missing only a number of teeth, dental implants are the perfect solution not only for restoration but for additional protection. Unlike other restoration, dental implants do not rely on the adjacent teeth for support; instead, they use the posts as anchors where prostheses are attached. There is no need to shave some of the healthy teeth structure for attachment.

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