Same-Day Crowns

Are you in need of a tooth restoration? If you have a missing or damaged tooth, a dental crown can help to fully restore your smile. At Digital Smiles, you can receive a full tooth restoration in  just one visit! Learn how same-day crowns can not only save your tooth, but will improve your oral health as well! 

The Purpose

When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can begin to shift out of place. Jaw bone loss can also occur once a tooth has been lost. With a dental restoration, you can save your smile from further damage. A dental crown is made to both look and feel natural. Dental crowns are color-matched to your surrounding teeth and custom-made to fit your smile perfectly. Same-day crowns make it possible to have a custom crown ready to go in just one day. 

The Process

When you visit our office, impressions will be taken and you will be fitted for a dental crown and the process for making the restoration will begin right away. Typically, a patient would be fitted for a dental crown and then sent home with a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being made off-site. Thanks to our advanced technology, you can receive the care that you need without having to set up several visits. Just one visit will have you walking out of our office with a fully restored smile!

The Benefits

Same-day crowns are durable and made to last for years to come. You can feel confident behind your smile by filling the gaps in your smile. Same-day crowns can also be used in many treatments including dental bridges, implants and root canals. Same-day crowns will help restore your smile while saving you time on your dental care! 

If you are interested in same-day crowns and live in the greater Los Angeles area, call our office today to set up a visit! 

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