Dental Implants Nailed It!

You have been skipping your favorite snacks lately. Planning out a trip with your friends is not your cup of tea anymore. Canceling get-togethers, ignoring people, and hours of isolation are some of the things that keep you busy nowadays. Yes, that is how cruel tooth loss is. It can affect not just adults and seniors but young individuals as well.

We may not know the reason why you are suffering from missing teeth yet, but we at Digital Smiles surely understand how you feel. Doing your day-to-day routines with an incomplete set of teeth is quite burdensome. It is even reasonable to spend the day all by yourself because tooth loss can drain all your confidence to reach out with your friends.

But what’s more bothering is, despite the unpleasant impacts of missing teeth to a person’s overall wellness, many are still hesitant to receive a restorative dentistry treatment. Why is that so? Perhaps, they are not yet convinced that getting an oral appliance is worth it. Young patients may find dentures less favorable because of the misconceptions surrounding it. According to some, the oral device looks unnatural. And there are even others who agree that it moves so much inside the mouth that eating or speaking becomes troublesome every day. Well, unless dental implants are used to secure dentures, you will no longer struggle with a wobbly appliance.

What About Dental Implants?

Slipping dentures are scary! Need we emphasize it more? Imagine talking in front of your business partners, discussing the sales and revenues of your company when all of a sudden you dropped the oral device on top of that long meeting table. It rolled over until it reached the middle and landed on the laptop of your colleague. Can you picture out your face turning bright red now?

The role of dental implants is this: Keeping any other restorative prosthesis in place. Whether you own dentures or are planning to get one, you can have them stabilized using dental implants. The titanium post is meant to bond with the jawbone, stimulating the weak structure through the process called “osseointegration”. An implant will serve as the replacement for the lost tooth root while your denture or crown will act as the substitute for the missing tooth itself.

Think about how comfortable your life can get after choosing dental implants for your dentures. Munching foods will be easy and so is speaking, which means that you will no longer have to deal with low self-esteem.

Here at Digital Smiles in California, we have Endosteal implants, All-On-Four implants, Teeth-In-A-Day implants, and denture stabilization services. Get to know our Dental Implants more! Visit us at Digital Smiles serving in 4 Locations of California.