One of the main reasons individuals don’t seek out regular dental treatment is the cost. Here at Digital Smiles, we try to simplify the process and keep procedures affordable by working with an individual and accepting a broad range of insurance providers and financing options. Our staff will be glad to work with you to find a payment option that works for you.

Dental Insurance

The purpose of dental insurance is to help cover the cost of expensive procedures like tooth extraction, root canals, the creation of dentures, and many more. Here at Digital Smiles, our staff accepts a broad range of insurance types, including all PPO options, all HMOs except Liberty Dental, Medicare, and even Wells Fargo.

Dental insurance can cover a broad range of procedures based on the plan, so it’s important to check your coverage before scheduling any procedure. When making your first appointment, you will be asked to provide the information on your plan and provider so the staff can enter it into our system. Many plans come with the stipulation that you need to opt for the least expensive type of care possible, while others will go with what the dentist suggests. Always check before choosing any care option.

CareCredit®️ and Other Financing

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that allows you to pay for procedures and then make payments on the card. It is a possible alternative for individuals who find it
difficult to get insurance but still need treatment.

Besides CareCredit, Digital Smiles also accepts payments made through an in-house payment plan. You will work with our staff to develop a payment plan to help cover the overall cost of the procedure and will also have to pay a set amount upfront.

Savings Plan

A low-cost way to get discounts on both routine dental care and specialty services for the whole family. Digital Smiles Savings Plan is not insurance, so there is no deductible, no annual maximum, no monthly premiums and no significant waiting period before you can take advantage of the plan. Click here to learn more

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