Easy Tips to Follow for Denture Wearers

The problem of losing teeth does not end as an aesthetic concern. It can also cause a person to have trouble performing regular activities like eating and talking. People are no longer free to eat whatever they love since it becomes hard for them to chew and digest certain foods. Speaking can become hard as well since the absence of a number of teeth can lead to lisp and mispronunciations.

Fortunately, dentures have been discovered and continuously improved over the years. As a result, people who are missing multiple or even an entire dental arch of teeth now have a solution. Dentures are made up of a gum-colored base and fake teeth that are custom-made for each patient to look as natural as possible.

At Digital Smiles, we offer options like traditional dentures, fixed dentures, and also denture stabilization service for our patients. And for them to enjoy their restored smiles to their heart’s content, we have prepared some tips to make their experience overall pleasant.

Tips to Look After Dentures

  • As much as possible, do not wear removable dentures during sleep. It is ideal to follow the recommendation of the dentist by soaking it in a solution or plain water.
  • After every meal, it is essential for patients to remove and rinse the appliance to make sure that no food particles can remain.
  • For patients who are using denture adhesives, make sure to clean any leftover adhesives from both the gums and appliance.
  • Make sure to use the correct oral products by choosing a soft-bristled toothbrush and gentle soap when cleaning.
  • Despite the ability of dentures in allowing patients to chew foods properly, they can easily break when dropped even in just a few inches high. That said, it is essential for patients to take precautions by cleaning in a sink with water or over a towel to serve as a cushion.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning items since it can compromise the appearance of dentures in the long run.
  • Be careful when eating hot foods since dentures have an insulating quality. Misjudging the temperature of any beverages and meals could burn one’s mouth.
  • Denture adhesives can be used by patients to get an added assurance that the appliance will stay in place when eating and speaking with other people.
  • Bleached products should never be used with dentures since it can cause the material to weaken and change color.
  • When cleaning dentures, make sure not to use boiling water since doing so may cause the oral device to warp beyond wear.

If the tips mentioned above are followed, as well as the ones provided by dentists, patients can expect that their dentures can serve their purpose for many years. Remember, if any problems arise with the oral appliance, never attempt to do self-repair since it may cause more harm than good. Make sure to seek the assistance of a dentist for ideal results.

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