FAQs of Root Canal Treatment in Long Beach

In this article, we will discuss more about root canal treatments. The treatment is conducted to treat an infected, inflamed, or dead pulp. A person who treats infections associated with dental pulp is called an endodontist. You can count on us if you are looking for a root canal or tooth cavity treatment in Long Beach.

How Can You Know You Require a Root Canal Treatment?

Some of the symptoms you should be on the lookout are given below.

Toothache, which is extremely sensitive to hot, and cold foods and drinks should be taken care of. The pain increases with time and can lead to headaches.

An abscessed tooth is another factor you should be on the lookout for. This abscess can lead to swelling or bleeding around the affected tooth.

Jaw pain, gum disease, and sinus congestion that causes pain while you are chewing. A deep dental cavity that extends to the pulp can also be a problem. Dental trauma leading to the death of the root of your tooth is a sensitive case. This can happen immediately after the accident or many months after the accident. Tooth fracture also needs to be checked.

If your pulp is infected, it leads to a lot of pain. That pain will most-likely trigger you to the dentist, and your dentist will advise if you require a root canal treatment or not. No matter how keen you are on the signs, you can never be sure about treatment if your dentist does not conduct a check first.

How Is It Done?

The treatment is usually done in three steps. You will need around three visits to the dentist to complete the procedure. These steps are:

Cleaning of Your Root Canal

The dentist will remove everything in your root canal, including the infection causing you pain. He will use local anesthesia to sedate you, so you will not feel any pain throughout the procedure. He will make a small hole on the surface of your tooth, and he will use it to remove dead and diseased pulp tissues.

Filling Your Root Canal

Your dentist will thoroughly clean the hollow area using irrigation solutions. He will then fill it with materials that look like rubber to seal the hole completely. Please note that after this procedure, your tooth is dead. This means you won’t feel any pain on the tooth since that nerve is removed.

Adding Filling or Crown

The good news is the infection is eliminated after root canal therapy. The bad news is your tooth is as fragile as never. It can even break when you chew food. That’s why filling or crown is required to protect that tooth from breakage.

You should not use the treated tooth for anything before a crown or filling is added. After the crown, you can continue using your tooth as usual. The filling is usually done in one appointment, but it can be more if you have curved canals, large infections, or multi-canals. Get in contact if you are looking for a dentist in Long Beach.

How Painful Is This Treatment?

Most people associate root canal treatment with a lot of pain; this should not be the case, though. The treatment is usually done by endodontists who have spent years studying methods of managing pain, and with sedation dentistry, it is almost painless.

The pain will only come after treatment, and even then, the dentist will equip you with painkillers to help you relieve it. He will also provide you with other techniques that can help alleviate pain, such as ice-cold compress. He may also recommend antibiotics if you are at high risk of bacterial infections.


The procedure is usually very successful, but that doesn’t mean it is always successful. Sometimes the dentist may not notice all the root canals, and the treatment can continue spreading. He may also fail to fill the hollow area appropriately, which can encourage the return of the infection. Some of the failed root canal signs include:

  • Pain that doesn’t alleviate weeks after treatment
  • Swelling
  • Discharge from the affected tooth due to an abscess.
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Pimple or boil on your jaw
  • Tooth discoloration

Sometimes you might not experience any signs of failure. That’s why it is always important to keep in touch with your dentist for your regular checkups. You can count on us if you are looking for an endodontist in Torrance. Book an appointment at Digital Smiles Now!

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