How You Can Encourage a Happy Smile for Your Child

We’ve all heard stories from friends, family members, and co-workers about how a child of theirs has developed an absolute fear of visiting a dentist. Sometimes this was caused by things that the child may have seen on television or heard from friends. Other times, it might have been the result of a previous experience at a dental office that was not best equipped to treat children and their unique needs.

Whatever the reason, we know that parents like you want your children to get the best dental care they can when they are young so they can have the security and confidence of a winning adult smile later. That’s why the team at Digital Smiles makes every effort to ensure that your child’s experience in our kid-friendly dentist office is a positive one.

How a Child-Friendly Environment Can Shape Your Child’s Perception of Dental Health

At Digital Smiles, we know that children are often worried about what they do not know. That’s why our dedicated team of professionals – many of us parents ourselves – will take time to explain dental procedures to your child in a way that will make them most comfortable.

When you’re searching for a “children’s dentist near me” to be the new dental home for your child’s dental health, select one that has a special interest in providing dentistry for children in Yorba Linda, CA like the team here at Digital Smiles.

Some of the things you’ll want to look for when identifying a pediatric dentist in Long Beach, CA, is whether or not they have specialized equipment and interactive tools that will make your child’s visit as comfortable and interesting as possible.

This desire to create a comfortable setting for your child goes beyond just having toys in the reception area. The dentist you choose should have an overall office atmosphere that is child-friendly from the moment you’re greeted by the staff.

Procedures That Are Offered with a Child’s Smile in Mind

Most adults know how important fluoride is to dental health. This naturally occurring mineral helps protect the enamel of teeth from the time teeth begin to emerge. As a parent, you probably make sure that the oral care products you use at home include fluoride. But how do you make sure your child has the added protection they need?

One way to ease your mind about your child’s brushing habits when they’re out of your sightline is to request a fluoride treatment from your family dentist. The treatment is simple to administer, painless, and takes only a few minutes. Your child will think that the dentist is merely applying a liquid or gel to their teeth. What they won’t know is that you’ve just given them years of added protection against dental decay!

Another treatment to consider as an added protection for your child’s smile is dental sealants. Sealants are an important part of dentistry for patients of all ages, but the procedure is especially helpful in preventive children’s dentistry.

The sealants consist of a coating – most often made of plastic – that is applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth to prevent tooth decay and to halt the advancement of existing cavities. This procedure also has been shown to halt up to 80 percent of tooth decay if the treatment is administered at the time their adult teeth come in.

Both of these treatments are suitable for patients of all ages, which leads us to our next tip on how to encourage your child’s comfort level at the dentist.

Have Your Child Be a Part of Your Next Dental Appointment

Your child loves you and wants to be just like you in every way they can. That’s why it’s suggested by many family dentists that you let them accompany you to an appointment to see how calmly you receive either a dental sealant procedure or a fluoride treatment. Once they see you laugh and smile afterward, we’re pretty confident they’ll want to be the next one in the dentist’s chair!

A Final Note from Your Family Dentist

What holds true for your dental health also applies to your child’s oral health. Make sure that they practice good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and visit their dentist twice a year. If you haven’t been adhering to that schedule, make an appointment today to get them back on track and inquire about fluoride and dental sealants as an added insurance!