Our Periodontitis-Busting Laser

Gum disease is the most common dental concern for American adults. Four out of every five people will be diagnosed with gum disease at some point. This vast majority of people often don’t even know that they have gum disease until they go in for a dental check up. As long as the gum disease hasn’t progressed, we can usually take care of it with a good dental cleaning. This form of gum disease is called gingivitis. However, if you didn’t go in for a dental check up, and we weren’t able to find the gingivitis in time, it could progress into periodontitis. This form of gum disease is much more serious and poses a much greater risk to your oral health.

When periodontitis strikes, it’s time to take a more progressive approach to getting rid of the disease. Periodontitis strikes well under the gum line where the bone structure is supporting the tooth. If left alone, the infection will weaken the bone, causing a loss of the tooth and allowing the infection to spread. In order to get rid of the infection, we have to go in and clean the bacteria out. Most dentists have to do this with metal instruments, but at Digital Smiles, we have lasers on our side.

Laser V. Periodontitis

Using laser periodontal therapy, we can clean out the debris and bacteria causing your problems without having to resort to metal instruments. Our precise laser will work with your body so that you have less trauma to your gums. You will experience less bleeding, discomfort, and swelling during and after the treatment. The best part is that the periodontitis should be completely removed during the process, which will protect you from needed oral surgery.

The number one way to avoid gum disease is to maintain your regularly scheduled dental appointments. Coming in to see us can protect you from a lot of harm down the road. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and make this a regular part of your overall health routine.