Over The Counter or Professional Whitening, Which One To Choose?

Having a dull-looking smile can cause a person to smile reluctantly in the presence of others. As a result, they are perceived as someone who is timid or silent. But the truth is, the only thing that keeps them from smiling is the color of their teeth! Despite their true nature of being positive and jolly, there are those who would rather keep it for them to avoid embarrassment.

Fortunately, there is a perfect solution which happens to be very popular nowadays, teeth whitening! It is a process of breaking down the stains that have accumulated on the teeth over time. To do so, there is a particular ingredient that every product must contain to improve the shade of the teeth – hydrogen peroxide. However, knowing what to look for does not change the fact that there are various brands to choose from.

To help, we at Digital Smiles prepared some points to remember in choosing the best whitening solution. Read on!

Over the counter Whitening Products

These are products that can be easily purchased in physical and online shops. It usually comes in the forms of cream, strips, paste, or powder. What’s enticing about this whitening methods are the convenience, choices, and costs, however, they DO NOT contain a higher amount of whitening agents. They strictly follow the rules laid out about the limit of hydrogen peroxide to guarantee the safety of the patients.

As a result, the brightening effects usually become apparent after multiple uses, which eliminated both the cost-effectiveness and convenience. Also, irritations on the soft tissues of the mouth are more likely to occur due to the concept of “one size fits all”. The trays and strips used may be either too big or small for a particular patient, so the gums and cheek linings are exposed to the whitening agents.

Professional Teeth Whitening

As its name implies, this whitening method requires the expertise of a dentist. This reason alone assures patients of safe and effective treatment. At Digital Smiles, we use Lumibrite whitening to provide our patients with visible results in as short as 30 minutes! If the whitening goal of a patient is not yet achieved, an additional 30-minute session can be performed. The product utilized has 35% hydrogen peroxide content, so patients are assured that the stains that have been bothering them can be successfully eliminated.

As the results can be achieved in a single visit, the in-office option also gives the guarantee of convenience to patients. However, just like any whitening option, oral hygiene practices at home and routine visits should be observed to prolong the effects of the treatment.

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