Problems That Might Take Place If Missing Teeth Are Left Unattended

Whatever the reasons why your tooth or two are lost—may it be a cause of extractions or a product of aging—missing teeth should be replaced immediately. When the pearly whites are no longer complete in the mouth, the appearance of the person is altered. It is because the teeth contribute to the proper symmetry of the face. Another thing is, missing teeth can also open health-related concerns such as poor nutrition, diabetes, coronary artery problems, and even cancer.

Missing teeth, when neglected, can bring lots of consequences other than the issues mentioned above. Some of those are what we will tackle below. But first, let Digital Smiles discuss to you the different dental restorations that you can avail in our clinic. We have crowns, bridges, dental implants, and of course, dentures. Our practice offers various selections of dentures—from traditional to fixed and denture stabilization service. Our conventional type of teeth replacement is removable while the fixed one uses dental implants for adequate stability. On the other hand, patients who already have traditional dentures but want to make their dental appliance less wobbly can consider our denture stabilization service.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

To Counter Bone Loss

Bone resorption is another consequence of leaving the lost teeth unreplaced. Instead of releasing calcium to the bone tissue, it is redirected to the blood; thus, the deterioration of the jawbone. When an implant-based restoration is placed on the area of missing teeth, the bone will gain strength once again.

To Avoid Oral Problems

Gaps on the mouth can welcome the occurrence of decays, compromising the other original teeth. An incomplete set of teeth also aggravates gum disease. These problems, however, are lessened if gapped teeth are treated.

To Prevent Eating and Speaking Hassles

Because there are no teeth that will support chewing pressures, the person experiencing tooth loss is at risk for poor nutrition and digestive issues. They may tend to swallow foods right away instead of munching them into pieces. Replacing missing teeth doesn’t just bring back the healthy eating function of the person, but it avoids lisps from taking over as well. Their struggles in pronouncing certain words will be diminished, thereby restoring their confidence to communicate with other people.

Do not let missing teeth stop you from living a good life! Get dental restoration now in our clinic at Digital Smiles. Our Dentures are made from top-notch materials to provide you with the best teeth replacement. Contact Digital Smiles for more info.