Dental Implants

Patients who have lost some of their natural teeth can invest in the installation of a dental implant. An implant is a synthetic tooth that is installed directly through the gum and into the jawbone, so it doesn’t come loose or fall out during regular activities. Anyone who has lost an adult tooth can qualify for an implant, although they are most frequently seen in the mouths of adults and elders.

The best way to understand a dental implant is by considering it a new root for your synthetic tooth. The implant itself is typically a titanium screw directly installed in the jawbone with a special surface on top. A new crown, or the visible and central part of the tooth, can then be screwed down on the implant and locked in place.

Reasons to Receive a Dental Implant

Dental implants are one of the few restorative procedures that actually help stimulate bone growth. The jawbone needs to be stimulated on a regular basis through the pressure caused by chewing and talking; otherwise, it starts to decay. Dental implants also help individuals regain their oral health and overall wellness, since they make chewing, speaking, and swallowing easier for those who have missing teeth.

Implants are also durable and convenient. They don’t decay like regular teeth and are also less prone to discoloration, meaning they last a long time and look great. Maintenance is also easy since the implant just requires regular brushing and flossing to keep the gum around the crown healthy. Finally, implants are also aesthetically pleasing and can create a complete smile.

Types of Implants

Here at Digital Smiles, patients can receive individual dental implants, full implant bridges, or what is known as an All-on-4®. An All-on-4 is a special type of implant where an entire jaw full of teeth is installed using only four implants. In essence, an entire denture is created that contains all of the teeth from a single jaw. It is connected using a framework of metal or porcelain and is then placed on the four implants. It locks in place and can be used right away.

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