Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most frequently requested cosmetic dental procedure. Although the media bombards people with images of actors and TV personalities that have a gleaming smile, the truth is that humans are not born with naturally white teeth. Instead, the majority of the population actually have smiles that are anywhere from off-white to yellow. People frequently desire a means to make their smiles as white and beautiful as the ones seen in the media.

How Are Teeth Whitened?

Teeth can be whitened at a dentist’s office, or a dentist can give a patient a kit that can be used at home. Individuals who choose to have the process done in the office will receive a faster whitening process that creates some of the brightest teeth possible. The first step is covering the lips and gums to protect the tissue from the substance used for the bleaching.

Next, a powerful whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide or a similar substance will be applied directly to the surface of the teeth using a small brush. The gel will then be exposed to a light that maximizes its effects. The substance gently penetrates the enamel of the teeth and is typically estimated to lighten a smile by eight shades. While this process occurs, the gel will also break up surface stains.

After 6 to 15 minutes, the light is removed, and the gel is taken off of the teeth. The smile is then brightened, and that patient is ready to go.

When a kit is taken home, the patient is given molds that will be filled with gel and applied for one hour every day for two weeks. These kits don’t brighten as well as the ones used in an office, but are often more affordable for patients and allow the individual to stop when they feel their smile is light enough.

How to Receive Whitening

If you are interested in an in-office or at-home procedure, then contact Digital Smiles today to schedule a consultation and appointment. It is typically required that the teeth be cleaned first and that the gums be healthy before the whitening is done.

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