What Takes Place during a Lumibrite Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Professional teeth whitening is everyone’s most reliable cosmetic dentistry treatment. By seeking the help of a dentist, a person can be sure that their desired smile shade is attainable without risking their oral structures. Patients coming to our office at Digital Smiles for teeth whitening will receive a white smile with the help of Lumibrite products.

What Is Lumibrite?

Lumibrite in-office whitening treatment provides patients with a dazzling, bright smile in as early as 30 minutes! Like other teeth whitening systems, Lumibrite uses the same main bleaching ingredient which is hydrogen peroxide. The gel consists of 35% primary whitening agent which means that it can deliver greater effects than those products that can be purchased over the counter. Depending on the case, it is possible to pair Lumibrite with an activation light or the dentist can also allow the ingredient to activate naturally. This type of whitening system is suitable for those with sensitive teeth as the bleaching gel is equipped with desensitizing properties.

How is Lumibrite applied?

Before a whitening process, the dentist will first require the patient for an initial consultation. It is during this time that the overall oral health of the person is checked. This step is vital since it tells whether the patient is a good candidate for the treatment or not. Once qualified, the dentist will then perform a professional cleaning procedure to prepare the teeth.

After the preparation, the dentist will cover the patient’s lips and gums for protection. The application of desensitizing enhancers will then take place. Once the desensitizer sets, the dentist will start to spread the Lumibrite gel on the surface of all the teeth. As mentioned above, a curing light may be used to hasten the activation process of the bleaching agent. It will only take 30 minutes for the procedure to finish. The process will end with the dentist removing the gel from the patient’s teeth. However, if the desired whiteness is not met, reapplication of the bleaching gel can be performed.

Patients are advised to visit the dentist twice a year for maintenance. Touch-ups can also be done in the clinic to retain the brightness of the treated teeth.

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