When An Old Filling Goes Bad

By the time you are an adult, you’ve probably had a filling! That is, if you have seen a dentist throughout your life. Some fillings are very small and you hardly know you ever got one. Other fillings are much larger, and you can sometimes feel where the filling is. Those larger fillings tend to be troublesome as you age. The old silver fillings sometimes cause your tooth to weaken faster than it would on its own. The only way to know this is happening (before a dental disaster occurs) is to maintain your regular dental visits where we can take great digital images of your teeth.

If we notice a tooth weakening, we will take action to protect your natural tooth from the unthinkable. Weakened teeth can be protected using a dental crown. We simply prepare the tooth to be covered, then bond a dental crown over the top of your tooth, creating a strong dental restoration that will hold your weakened tooth steady and prevent any more harm from occurring. We can do the same thing for a tooth that is broken or cracked.

And We Can Do It In One Visit

One visit is all it takes to completely restore a tooth damaged from an old filling. With CEREC technology, we are able to create a perfect crown for you while you wait in our office. We don’t even have to mess with taking an impression because CEREC will create a 3D map of your mouth for us! From start to finish, we’ll repair damage from an old filling, and send you on your way with an improved smile!

The key to it all is that routine dental appointment. Without it, your tooth would weaken without your knowledge, and then one day you would be in a world of hurt, literally. We need to see your teeth regularly to prevent weak teeth from breaking down. Contact Digital Smiles today to set up your appointment, and get on the right track with a routine dental appointment schedule!